In Love with Tech since 1997,

About me,

I am a self taught Developer fueled by passion and a senior Computer Science & Engineering student. In my academic life i have worked with some wonderful group of people on various Innovation and design projects, which have been appreciated at various National and International events.

I started out as a kid doing simple HTML and eventually started learning all sorts of things that fascinated me. I like working on ideas that solves real issues for the real world.

and yeah, i do watch a lot of Movies

So much to learn, why stick with one.

I am a Full stack developer with hands on experience in building both Front-end and Back-end applications. My development zone spans across Mobile, Desktop and Web applications.
I am also a cross-platform and Open-Source technologies enthusiast ! Always excited to try out new frameworks, technolgies and contributing where i can.

Along with writing actual code, i also like to design functional and minimalistic UIs for modern apps and websites. Head over to #MyWork section to check out some of my creations.