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Buyway is changing your shopping
experience as you know it

Shopping experience

Physical stores has fallen behind online retailers in terms of technology adoption for optimizing their operation and enhancing customer experience. 

No more waiting in
Check-out lines


Scan the item’s barcode and simply
toss it to the shopping cart

Scan the item’s barcode and simply
toss it to the shopping cart


Pay directly on the cart using
Credit/Debit card, Digital wallet or Cash


Pack your bagged items from cart,
skip cashier and walk out

Nearby Deals & Offers

Buyway opens whole new ways for hypermarkets to run promotions and reach out to buyers in realtime.

Item locator

Help customers find product around
large floors with indoor directions

Run Reward Programs

Increase sales by creating rewards and loyalty programs based on user profiles and buying patterns

It knows
what's inside

Buyway uses dual Depth Sensing cameras and precision weight sensors - combined with computer vision it scans and monitors all the items inside the cart to ensure that no unscanned or unmatched items are present inside cart.

Computer Vision Load Sensors 

Fastrack business
with Buyway

Increase Basket-Size
by 15%

Reduce Store Operating

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