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7 million deaths due to Air-Pollution every year


Me and my team lives in Delhi, which apart from being India's capital is also famous for being in the Top 3 most poor air quality cities in the entire world. We have witnessed days when people were confined to their houses because the air was too harmful. Red alert for air pollution is common during "Diwali" (festival of lights and crackers) and although air pollution is affecting everybody's health equally but the one who suffers the most are the Respiratory Patients.

On days when air quality drops too much, news of Asthma patients dying in hospitals is all over the TV. We wanted to build something for these patients to help them stay healthy in poor air quality and improving their quality of life

About Caeli

Caeli is world's first smart automated drug delivery and anti-pollution mask, specifically designed for asthmatic and other chronic respiratory patients. Unlike other nebulizers that are bulky and requires a power socket caeli is highly portable and just fits inside your pocket easily.

Caeli works by connecting wirelessly over a bluetooth connection and continously monitors the air quality in realtime. Depending on multiple factors it then intelligently decideds the operation of centrifuge fan and wirelessly paired drug Nebulizer.

Using Caeli App Patients can easily schedule their drug doses or switch intelligent mode ON to provide instant-relief drug when having breathing difficulties. Users can also check the live pollution levels around the world and find the healthiest route to avoid any air pollution on the way.

Sneak Peek

Throughout the design process of Caeli, user feedback and expert evaluation were given primary importance. Our primary focus was to build a mask that can be used as a modern gadget and does not give the typical medical equipment feel.


People's Choice Award Cisco Global Problem Solver 2020
National Runner-up The James Dyson Award 2019
2nd Place Microsoft Imagine Cup World Championship 2019
Silver Pize Infosys Aaorhan Soical Innovation Awards 2019
Winner Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia Finals 2019

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