Virtual Exposure Therapy (VET)


320 million people suffering from anxiety disorder globally

The Story behind

The inspiration for this project came from one of the team members and original creator Ishlok Vashistha. 2 years back, Ishlok himself was a PTSD patient. He developed the condition after witnessing a traumatic incident in which i lost my friend in a water lake.

"2 years of my life following the incident were miserable. I got into depression, stopped going out and gradually even developed phobia of water. It was at that point when i realised how serious this problem is and how our society neglects the presence of such conditions" - Ishlok Vashistha
The experience of Ishlok inspired us to develop something for people facing similar kind of challenges in their lives. So, that they can have a speedy recovery.

Virtual-Reality treatment

Introducing, Virtual Exposure Therapy.
A virtual reality platform that makes it possible for patients to take the therapy directly at the comfort of their home, by using any kind of VR headset.

Virtual Exposure Therapy provides treatment for people with phobia or trauma condition by exposing them to their feared situations or objects in a controlled virtual environment, and their vitals are monitored to keep track of their progress.

Users can select from a wide range of phobia modules according to as per's condition. Once VR module is loaded, the users are given a series of tasks in the increasing order of difficulty, Patient performs these tasks in minimum time span while facing their fears and maintaining the state of calmness. Advancing to next levels in the environment overtime will cause a gradual decline in fear response.

Sneak Peek

All the patient's performance during the session is recorded by a vitals monitoring band and evaluated using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio, thereby eliminating the requirement of a psychiatrist every time you take the therapy.


Jury's Choice Accenture Innovation Challenge 2018
Bronze Medal International Exhibition for Young Inventors 2018

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